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Version 1.0.9
Free app that prints your iPhone photos. Be it shot with Instagram or any other awesome photo app. Your shortcut to a photo printing service.
Devices iPhone and iPad with SquarePrint app running in them
SquarePrint is an app that will print your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch photos. You shoot photos of your friends and family. Add these photos to SquarePrint designed products in the app and order them. Then wait for a week or so and postman will bring those to you. Simple huh?

SquarePrint features the following products:
  • ★ Square photo prints
  • ★ Square photo stickers
  • ★ Fridge magnets
  • ★ Square photo grid poster of 9 photos
  • ★ Print your photo on Canvas
  • ★ Framed photo grid of 9 photos, framed with black wood frame
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Compatible with iPhone iPad and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 4.3 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.

About SquarePrint Up Arrow

SquarePrint is a shortcut to a professional photo printing service.

A smartphone revolution has been taking place for quite a while now. Everyone has one nowadays. We bet you have one in your pocket as well. This is how popular they are.
What's also nice about smartphones is their ability to shoot quality photos. The camera lenses on these little things have become so good that people have stopped using their chunky DSLR's and digital point&shoot cameras.
You're not dragging your camera along any more when you travel or attend friends wedding. Instead you have a neat little helper in your pocket. This is the reason photo sharing sites and apps like Instagram have exploded recently.

But what about printing your photos?

Don't you miss the times when you could actually touch your photos? Smell them, fresh out of the photo printing store? Feel the heavy photo paper between our fingers?
In SquarePrint we know the feeling. We were hit by such nostalgia all of the time, but not any more. We decided to build an app that would be a shortcut to the photo printing service. Once again you can print your creations, smell, touch and feel them.
But we did not stop there. We don't offer just prints. We also offer several cool products you can order through SquarePrint app.

For more information check our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and FAQ

Products and Technology Up Arrow

SquarePrint uses a brand new FujiFilm Frontier DL650pro minilab printer with FujiFilm Professional 220g luster Dry Photo paper for it's products. We have set the image quality to "1440dpi high-quality mode". This combination is as good as high-end professional photo printing goes nowadays. We can assure you, your printed photos will look amazing using this equipment.

We can proudly say SquarePrint products are the best you can get on the market today.

Photo Prints

Square Prints are 10X10cm (3.9X3.9inch) crystal clear true colour prints of your photos printed on a 220g Dry Photo Paper.
Each print has a 0.5mm (0.2inch) white border around the photo. Prints come in packs of 10 and the max amount of one order is currently 30 prints. 

Insert them to a family album or hand them out to your friends and family. You'll be amazed how good your phone photos will look once we print them.

Pack of 10 prints $5,99 (free shipping)
Pack of 20 prints $9,99 (free shipping)
Pack of 30 prints $12,99 (free shipping)

Photo Stickers

Photo Stickers are a set of 7.5X7.5cm (2.95X2.95inch) crystal clear true colour stickers of your photos printed on a 220g Dry Photo Paper. A sticker is little wider than your iPhone screen. Each sticker has a medium white border around the photo. The Square Stickers are printed on easy-peel paper with a matte finish. Stickers come in the packs of 8 and the max amount of one order is currently 24 stickers.

Customise your world, making it a little more personal, or swap and share your classic shots with friends and family.

Pack of 8 stickers $5,99 (free shipping)
Pack of 16 stickers $9,99 (free shipping)
Pack of 24 stickers $12,99 (free shipping)

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets are a set of 7.5X7.5cm (2.95X2.95inch) crystal clear true colour magnets of your photos printed on a 220g Dry Photo Paper and attached to a flexible rubber magnet. A magnet is a little bigger than your iPhone screen. Each magnet has a medium white border around the photo.
Magnets come in the packs of 6 and the max amount of one order is currently 18 magnets.

Stick them on your fridge, locker or any magnet loving surface.

Pack of 6 magnets $9,99 (plus shipping)
Pack of 12 magnets $17,99 (plus shipping)
Pack of 18 magnets $25,99 (plus shipping)

Poster Photo Grid

Poster Photo Grid is a 30X30cm (11.8X11.8inch) 3X3 image grid of your square photos printed on a high quality 220g thick luster photo paper with breathtaking clarity. You can build this grid via SquarePrint app. Poster Photo Grid has a thick white border around it.
Poster Photo Grid is a single product.

This is an awesome product you can put on your wall or leave it on the coffee table for your friends to admire.

Poster photo grid is $11,99 (plus shipping)

Canvas Photo Print

Canvas Photo Print is a 30X30cm (11.8X11.8inch) single photo printed on a Professional-Grade Epson Premium matte canvas printed with Epson Stylus Pro 11880 printer using 8-colour pigment printing by Epson Ultra Chrome K3 inks. Each canvas comes ready-to-hang.
Canvas Photo Print is a single product.

Canvas has unique texture for true artistic look which brings your images to life. Each canvas is stretched over finger jointed premium quality wooden frame. Each canvas comes ready-to-hang and needs no subsequent adjustment nor retensioning.

Canvas print is $44,99 (plus shipping)

Framed Photo Grid

Framed Photo Grid is a 30X30cm (11.8X11.8inch) 3X3 photo grid printed on a high quality 170g thick matte photo paper with breathtaking clarity. Then framed with High quality black wood frame. Each Framed Photo Grid comes ready-to-hang.
Framed Photo Grid is a single product.

Hang them on your wall and show your photo art to your friends and family.

Framed photo grid is $49,99 (plus shipping)

We have been offering our services to high-end photographers for more than 10 years now. We know what's a quality product and we can assure all the products above would make a professional photographer jump for joy.

Send your photos via SquarePrint iPhone app! Get the app now!

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Version 1.0

AppStore Release on 24th of May 2013

Version 1.0.9

Released on 16th of January 2014

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Don't hesitate to contact us.

SquarePrint and Prints apps are owned by:
Massruum OÜ
Supluse pst. 4
11911, Tallinn

App by Tanel Teemusk
Server-side code by Erki Adams
Prints by Tarmo Rämmi

Translations to German by Merve Kadayifci

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